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Attention Business Owners!
5 Selling Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Business

Are You Looking To Sell or Buy A Business?

If you are thinking about selling your business, there are a number of steps to get right during the process. We’ve developed this guide to help you avoid some of the top mistakes when selling your business.

Selling a business is a highly rewarding venture, but there are a number of mistakes that first-time sellers make. For example, did you know that not having a proper transition plan in place can impair your ability to sell your business? It is also important to make sure you have taken the time to properly organize and document business processes to ensure the smoothest transaction possible. Our How To Quick Guide will help you understand some of the potential missteps sellers can make in the process and how to avoid them when selling your business.

Sunbelt Business Brokers have done it since 1978. We have the tools, technology, people and processes in place to sell your business to an ideal buyer. Our buyer success rate is 98%. In the last 20 years I have mastered, structured and closed 100s of real estate transactions. And generated 1000s of leads using online marketing for businesses.

I have worked in various capacities in business operations at Mobish Mobile Corp, Real Estate People, Intel Corp, PMC Sierra, ADC Wireless and SED Systems leading to my present assignment as Chief Executive Officer at Sunbelt Edmonton Business Brokers. I have acquired skills in all phases of transactions.

I am sure I can make a contribution by assisting you in either selling or buying a business. And would appreciate the opportunity to show how. As a master deal architect; I am looking to share my knowledge, skills, tools and strategies to sell your business.

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