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Electric Motor and Pump Sales and Service Company

For Sale in Houston, TX

Listing ID: VEN399 | Broker Listing ID: BLP315640

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About the Business

Business Description

This company provides servicing, repair, replacement, and fabrication of rotating equipment to mid-stream, industrial, and municipal customers. This includes electric motors, pumps, generators, gear boxes, and more.

Key aspects
· Multi-facetted capabilities, offering heavy equipment repair services and fabrication services
· Operates out of a UL Certified facility
· Term contracts with municipalities and large companies
· One-stop-shop, including field services and installation
· Strong relationships with reputable suppliers
· 25-30 experienced employees
· 85% of sales are repeat business
· Can handle complicated project needs, but with the turn-around time and customer service of a smaller company

Growth & Expansion

· Current location provides the space for project volumes to double
· Southeast Texas offers a large customer base
· Expand into the upstream service market
· Expand fabrication activities
· Expand machining services
· Expand package unit productions - keeping a stock of inventory on hand will result in more sales

Market Competition:

Current markets
· This company serves the mid-stream, industrial, and municipal markets. Most customers are in Southeast Texas, primarily Houston and the surrounding areas.The company does not currently export any goods.

Shareholder/owner objectives
· The primary operator is looking to retire. They are willing to stay for a short period to ensure a smooth transition of management. The other owners are not active in the business and will exit upon the sale of the company

Location Details:

· Houston, Texas

Real estate
· This company is located on a one acre lot with 25,000 square feet of structures on it. It rents the property from another company associated with the owner. This property is not included in the sale, but is available for a long-term lease.

Listing ID: VEN399