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C-Store Investment Property ~ CS98057

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Currently has 7+ years left on lease. Tenants would be willing to extend term. Currently pay $4,450/month and increase to $4,950/month for last 5 years of lease. Tenants just installed new septic / well system to get the Deli back up to full operation. Tenants spent a significant amount of money getting it up to par. Once stabilized they will be making around $90K Inside Sales. About an extra $35K-$40K in Deli Income. Currently doing around $55K Inside Sales per month. Averages around 15K gallons per month.

tanks were installed 08/15/1998 with the following tank setup:
1A - 12,000gal Regular Gasoline
1B - 8,000gal Premium Gasoline
2A - 8,000gal Diesel

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