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DPF Filter Cleaning Company in the Permian Basin

For Sale in Odessa, TX

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About the Business

Business Description

This is a highly specialized DPF filter cleaning company for diesel engine trucks in the Permian Basin. Cleaning DPF filters is the only service that the company provides, allowing it to clean filters in less than 24 hours after being scheduled. The company is growing rapidly and is seeking a full or partial sale to facilitate the growth of its operations.

Key aspects
· Specialized tools and processes followed by the company allow its products to last twice as long as the competition
· Located in the Permian Basin, servicing the oil and gas industry
· Has seen incredible growth in revenues as demand skyrockets
· Revenues have been growing at an average rate of about 30% per year, even during the oil downturn
· Service time and prices are drastically shorter than the competition (dealerships)

Growth & Expansion

· Expand geographic area served by opening new locations
· Hire extra staff to help meet the demand for its services
· Offer services to new entity types, such as municipalities
· Expand service offerings to new vehicle types

Market Competition:

Current markets
· The company primarily serves oil and gas companies in the Permian Basin, but is looking to expand its services geographically beyond its current 100 mile radius.

Shareholder/owner objectives
· The owner wants to see the company continue to grow. He is open to selling all or a portion of the company to ensure the company´s continued success and to aggressively promote the business model to enlarge its geographic footprint. He is open to multiple deal structures to achieve this goal.

Location Details:

· Odessa/Midland area of the Permian Basin

Real estate
· The company rents from an unrelated third party.

Listing ID: VEN1426