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Users of the site will be allowed to cancel their subscription and all correspondence originating from the site at their request.

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BizListPro will make every effort to preserve the privacy of the information you submit; however, we might be required to disclose your information to government agencies in specific instances.

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BizListPro may share your information with third party providers when we feel that they might provide a product or service that would be of interest to you.  The information shared will not be financial information but only that which is necessary to allow them to provide you information about their goods and services.  You can opt out of receiving their information on their websites or cancel future emails from BizListPro by opting out on our website.

Security of your personal information is paramount at BizListPro.  We will encrypt your information using secure socket layer (SSL) technology.  However, there might be instances in which third parties hack into our information and choose to distribute or otherwise misuse your information collected.

Policy on Cookies

We may ask you to use a testimonial explaining benefits you have derived from use of BizListPro, its features and distribution but we will not use a testimonial without the express written permission of the customer or client.

You may opt to use the BizListPro blog or post other information or opinions on our site.  Such posting is evidence that you are choosing not to be protected by our privacy policy.

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BizListPro cannot be responsible for any filtering that you use to restrict the flow of information to you.  We will correspond to email addresses you provide.

BizListPro reserves the right to change this privacy policy without notice.  Current privacy policy will be available at all times on the website.