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BizListPro can help you sell your franchise by connecting with buyers online.

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BizListPro offers a cost-effective and searches optimized method to sell your franchise online in the digital marketplace. Easy posting and editing of each listing along with the ability to add photos with the click of a button. Display as much or as little as you like.

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BizListPro is the quick and easy, cost-effective approach for franchisors to sell more franchises. Your listings get more attraction because we make it easy for the buyers, too.

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Benefits of using BizListPro

A Quick and Easy Method of Adding and Modifying Your Franchise Listings

Submitting your listings to BizListPro is a quick and efficient process. Simply follow the prompts, insert as much or as little information as you like and post it.

BizListPro is Designed to Attract Real Franchise Buyers

Franchisors are accustomed to generating a number of buyers, but a large portion may be “tire kickers”. BizListPro attracts buyers using methods only real franchise buyers will search for. Targeted, effective and real results are what we strive to accomplish for you, the franchisor.

Benefit From Attracting Quality Leads, Not Quantity of Leads

Everyone wants more leads, but targeting the right audience attracts the quality buyers to BizListPro. Time is valuable and our commitment to efficiency is why we designed our system to generate traffic of interested and ready franchise buyers.

Seller Leads Available Through Our Lead Exchange

The lead exchange is a system where franchisors and business brokers can connect with each other to exchange leads that may not match your brokerage’s criteria. We provide the system, but you set the terms. You choose the broker who will best represent the business seller.