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Company will accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information submitted by advertisers but will respond within seventy-two (72) hours to any complaints from visitors to the website related to a question regarding accuracy of information submitted.

BizListPro utilizes an online payment system in which advertising is prepaid. There are no promises made regarding a guaranteed response from potential clients to your advertising, only that approved advertising will appear on the website in areas agreed between BizListPro and the advertiser depending on the amount paid. Fees are payable monthly and charged to a credit card on an automatic charging basis. If an advertiser decides to cancel its advertising it can do so online, in which case the current month will still be paid for but subsequent months will not be charged. Company reserves the right to change all terms of payment at any time, but will notify users of any and all changes, in writing, to an email address previously provided by advertiser.

Advertisers must contact company within seventy-two (72) hours regarding any dispute related to billing, such time period to begin at the time billing first appears on the account of advertiser.