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Innovative Oil and Natural Gas Production Business

ManufacturingFor Sale in NM

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Innovative Oil and Natural Gas Production Company for Sale serving New Mexico and Colorado. After completing an exit plan that liquidated a majority of their natural gas service business, this company decided to dive deeply into the production end of the business. Their specialty was taking over poor producing wells that were unprofitable for other Producers and turning them into efficiently producing wells.

In 2017 the Company had about 12 producing wells that they owned the right to maintain. In 2018, 2019, and 2020 they expanded aggressively which brought them up to approximately 236 conventional wells, 1 private injection well, and 1 commercial injection well in New Mexico in addition to 4 wells in Colorado.

The company has focused on underdeveloped and neglected "end of life" wells that just need to be operated properly. This company has the ability to make an efficient well out of an inefficient well. This is due to their technology that monitors these wells on a 24 hour and 7 day a week basis and provides wireless technology monitoring. Production printouts are available and will be provided on request.

Most wells come from larger production companies that have higher overhead and consider the wells marginal. With lower overhead and proper maintenance, these wells are still viable and will be for another 20 years. The majority of the wells they operate are what are called "wellbore only" meaning they only have rights in the existing formation of said well and no rights to drill or recomplete in any other formation. This is where the sharing of leases comes in, where other companies will have rights in drilling or operating different formations than they do on the same physical lease. That means different depths, different formations, but on the same land. It can get a bit complicated for those that drill and form leases. They have decided to stay out of that space and focused on just maintaining and operating existing wells and infrastructure. Of course, a new Buyer will have additional options for expansion.

Great opportunity for growth exists since more wells are available for acquisition. Current owners have turned down recent well acquisition prospects due to the want for further growth. These opportunities would be available to new owners should they choose to take them. Another area of opportunity is when Operators request services from them on a regular basis. Current owners turn down the work to focus on internal operations. These opportunities would be available to the new owners should they choose to take them. This type of work would be similar to what employees and equipment are already doing internally, but as a contractor instead, bringing in more revenue using existing equipment and infrastructure.

REAL ESTATE: Real Estate can potentially be included in this deal at the right price. They own 2 buildings both in New Mexico. The first building has a little over 10,000 sq ft of industrial space with 1,500 sq ft of office mezzanine space included. The second Building has a little over 1,700 sq ft and is used as a utility shed and storage.

EQUIPMENT: The equipment list includes major operations equipment only and does not include equipment on location, spare tanks, pumping units, misc. yard equipment such as pipe racks, shelving, bulk fluid tanks, truck tools, inventory etc.

EMPLOYEES: There are 25 employees in this company including the Seller who is the President of the company. They comprise of 1 Workover Supervisor and 1 Rig Operator and 4 Rig workers, 2 CDL Drivers, 1 CDL Crane Operator, 3 Office workers including the Seller who does Payroll, HR, and Owner relations, 1 Head of Operations and 5 Operations/Mechanics, 1 Software Developer and 1 Automation/Electrical Operations, 1 Welder/Fabrication, 1 General Operations worker, 1 Operations/Heavy Haul, 1 Shop Mechanic

The Oil Drilling and Gas Extraction Industry includes companies that profit from extracting and selling fossil fuels. Producers have experienced a high degree of volatility in recent years. Steady growth was ripped away when COVID-19 halted the economy, as restrictions limited the need for oil and gas. The conflict in Ukraine added to the uncertainty, as the reliance on Russian oil and gas was distributed between domestic producers and other sources.

Although, as the economy recovered demand shot up quicker than supply could match, causing prices to surge and generate substantial returns. Revenue has grown at a CAGR of 10.6% to $737.3 billion over the past five years, despite a drop of 7.9% in 2023 alone as the supply chain normalizes.

Exports of crude oil and natural gas from the United States had long been banned with few exceptions, but legislation passed in 2016 overturned this rule and dramatically changed the industry. Exports increased dramatically as producers sought to capitalize on opportunities abroad, while imports remained relatively steady. This led to an increase in the prices of oil and gas domestically until the pandemic hit. Exports have continued to grow in recent years, becoming essential to success in the industry.

As prices stabilize and global supply chains repair, revenue is expected to fall toward pre-pandemic levels, but not as rapidly as it rose. Innovation pertaining to drilling technology will drive the industry forward, but environmental concerns and increasing pressure to convert to renewables will limit success. Fossil fuel prices will decline steadily but remain high and provide high profit for producers. Overall, revenue will fall at a CAGR of 5.5% to $555.4 billion over the next five years.

Growth & Expansion

Excellent growth

Location Details:

2 Building 10,000 sq. ft. and 1,700 sq. ft.

Reason for Selling:

Owners looking to Retire

Listing ID: oilnm

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