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Selling Liquor License + Great Lease in excellent Location

For Sale in Cleveland, OH

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The 3 things that are the most important for a successful business:
After 40 years in this business, The Seller is ready to retire NOW!
This is located in Down Town Cleveland Ohio. New hotels and apartments are being built NEXT DOOR.
We are selling the Full Liquor License,
the Lease in a great location, plus
the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.
Apartments are currently under construction and another 4,000 units are in various stages of planning.
Playhouse Square is putting up a new apartment building near East 17th. At 378 feet tall, including mechanical floors, the 34 story apartment building will be comparable in height to the Hilton Cleveland Downtown and house over 300 units.

That's where our downtown restaurant comes in. It is centrally located in the middle of all of the activity! AND they are only serving lunch and dinner 6 days a week; they are closed on Sunday. With all of the influx of office workers, residents, and visitors, this would be an ideal time to offer Breakfast and a Sunday BRUNCH! Everything is in place to do this; all you need is staffing and a good Breakfast / Brunch menu! The rent which is currently $7475 / month, will not change when you stay open longer hours.
They have a D-1, D-2, D-3 and D-6 Liquor License; that is, Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor for 7 days a week. Call and find out more about this tremendous opportunity; schedule a visit with the owners and myself to see for yourself. Peter Vadas, Broker

Growth & Expansion

Buy this now, before all the new buildings are finished. The buyer will have an edge on any new food establishments that will open after the new buildings are up. Breakfast could and should be added to bring in additional income, especially since there will be an influx of residents nearby. The Liquor business needs to be promoted. Sunday brunch with champagne and whole salmon would create a flurry of activity.

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Market Competition:

Located in an area of brisk business and plenty of clientele. New apartment buildings and hotels are being built next door, which will provide an influx of residents and customers. They already serve many office buildings and businesses in the area. Crain's News Magazine just posted new information about new apartment building being built within a block of this restaurant. Downtown residents typically eat out; that should increase the dinner crowd and possibly the breakfast crowd. At this time they do not serve breakfast.

Location Details:

The business has 5,100 sq. ft. located in a large office building. It also has a street entrance. It has the possibility of having a breakfast crowd. Everything is in place. All you need is the staffing and a good breakfast menu. The rent will not change when you are open longer hours. The current rent is $7475 / month. The current Lease expires on March 31, 2020 and they have an additional 5 year option to renew. This business already has an established great name.

Support & Training

The seller will provide transitional support for 1 month, not to exceed 20 hours per week.

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Listing ID: 1986

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