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Why Use a Business Broker?

Why use a business broker to sell your business?

For starters, business brokers have experience in selling businesses.  Most business owners only sell a business once or twice in a lifetime.  Business brokers are professionals.  They take training, usually over a lifetime.  They encounter many different situations and they can enlist the help of other brokers.  You can’t discount the fact that they have been there, done that.

Business brokers have a process

Experienced business brokers list, advertise, and sell businesses through their logical process.  They gather the right information and advertise in the places where serious buyers are looking.  They weed out the tire kickers and concentrate on prospects who have the means and the drive to actually cross the finish line.

Business brokers are bull dogs

Business brokers don’t give up.  They are persistent.  They follow up on all leads, leaving no stone unturned.  In their process they invariably run into walls, but they figure out a way to break through or go around the wall.  Business brokerage is not for the faint-hearted.  You want someone representing your business who exhausts every opportunity to the fullest.  You spent a lifetime building what is potentially your most valuable asset – your business.  You want someone who has the same passion for what you do as you do.

Do you really have time to sell your business?

By that, we mean “Do you have time to both run your business and sell your business?”  Probably not.  Something will suffer in the process.  It is very time consuming gathering all the information needed to properly represent your business for sale.

A business broker will help you:

  • Sort through the materials
  • Assemble it in an attractive package
  • Place advertising to attract buyers
  • Sort through the buyers to find that perfect candidate
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Help the buyer obtain financing
  • Assist in due diligence
  • And much more

To find a broker in your area, check out BizListPro’s Broker Directory.

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